Art 3 Final

For my first piece, I chose the piece that I created for my mom for mother's day.
There are two artistic behaviors that are met with this project.  The first one is "I create original art".  I used my own unique ideas to create this piece.  I wanted to incorporate different techniques to create a piece. I like the way the water color turned out on the newspaper, and I am fascinated by the fact that the acrylic looks like oil pastel.  I discovered that I enjoy doing multimedia pieces and I hope to continue experimenting with them. I already had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I didn't know what to do for the stems.  This brings in the second artistic behavior, "I take risks" because I didn't know how sewing thread as the stems would turn out.  I had never done anything like this, actually sewing thread into the canvas (I wasn't even sure it was going to work). But I tried it anyways and I think it turned out pretty good.  By combining both of these behaviors, I think I created a unique, risky original piece of art.

The second piece of art I chose was this painting,
Again, I can connect this art piece to two artistic behaviors.  The first behavior is "I developed my art making skills". I used acrylic paint and I think I learned new techniques with painting and mixing colors and showing dimension in my paintings.  I definitely improved with my transition of colors, as shown by the colors of the sunset.  Also, the dimension I was able to show in the church, I didn't expect it to turn out so well.  The guitar was interesting to paint, especially when I was trying to paint the wood.  I feel after this project that I learned a lot about painting with acrylic, creating different methods to do each different style, and I learned a lot about colors too.  The second behavior I experienced with this project was "I solve problems".  I encountered a lot of challenges while painting this.  I had to re-do the entire sky because I had mixed the right blue-purple color one day and I could not get it to match once I tried mixing it again.  So I decided to re-paint what I had already painted and finish the sky in one day so I didn't encounter the same problem.  I like the blue that it turned out to be.  The guitar was challenging, and at first I couldn't get the lines to show that it is wood.  However, I was able to obtain some painters tape and I taped of the guitar so I could get the smooth lines to show that it is wood without messing up any other portion of my painting.  Overall, I learned a lot from doing this painting.

 One piece of art that I wish I could "do over is my text art project.
Although I think it turned out looking cool, I wish I had made a more interesting design.  If I had to do this project over, instead of using a whole bunch of tear drop shaped pieces, I would use different shapes and just a different design.  Also, even though the warm colors versus the cool colors creates an interesting contrast between the two symbols, I feel that it doesn't blend well.  I would try and be more spread out with the color distribution if I had to re-do it.  When doing this project, I didn't realize how small scale I would have to make it.  Again, using a more interesting design would have most likely allowed me to make create it at a larger scale, so that is another thing I would work on.  I wouldn't change the medium or subject of the piece though, I like the overall idea and that I was trying something new.

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