Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Carving

My idea is based around Jesus and elements surrounding Him and His glory. Before starting, it was very important to have a clear plan. Without a clear plan, I would've lost track of what I needed to cut. Some challenges I faced were cutting the smaller areas and cutting the corners. I also struggled with painting, it was harder than I thought to paint book pages. I originally tried watercolor, but it wasn't turning out nice so I changed the paint to acrylic. The design has nothing to do with the book I carved out of. My design is cosisted of a larger cross, then a star, 3 crosses, a dove, the Alpha and Omega symbols, IXOYE, a church and a fish. I didn't really take too many risks throughout the course of this project. I suppose one risk I took was I made my layers thick which made it challenging to cut. I think this project gave me a new experience with book carving, however maybe next time I will make the layers thinner.  Overall, I think my project was sucessful, it turned out the way I imagined it would.