Friday, September 27, 2013

Upclose And Personal

For up close and personal, I decided to do a lemon cut in half. I had several ideas but I chose this one because I knew I could learn from it.  The emphasis is on the lemon.  It is the brightest and lightest element in my project which makes it stand out.  The medium I chose was oil pastel.  I chose to do oil pastel because I thought I could really get those bright highlights and I could do the inside easily. I took a risk by adding orange to darken some areas.  At first, I thought it was going to look more like an orange, but once I started blending I realized that it still looked like a lemon.  Of the five characteristics of great art, I included technique and medium in my art.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's The Point

   I had a lot of ideas for "What's the point". One of my ideas was a geometric-type drawing and I came up with the idea of drawing cards.  I chose to do cards because I thought I could use different values and shading with this particular subject. I showed contrast by making the cards underneath darker and adding shadows. I also used contrast when identifying the black and red cards. The black cards are darker whereas the red cards are lighter. The medium I chose was pencil. I chose pencil because for my drawing, it had a lot of defined lines which I thought I could best draw with pencil.  For this drawing, I used different techniques.  I wanted to be sure that all the cards were equal in size, so I made a template for the shape of the cards. I also measured out and sectioned off the suits and numbers so I could make them even.   Some risks I took were I changed the scale of the card and I had to try and change the contents of the cards to scale. Also, in sort of a "spur of the moment" I took a chance when I decided to differentiate between the red and black cards.  The message I am conveying is how all the cards are the shape and I used the same method to create all of them even though they hold different values. So what's the point of discrimination if we're all part of the same deck of cards in life.