Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well, I started off the project by finding pictures of goldfish and their environment and then combining different elements from the pictures to create my own drawing.  Then I traced it onto linolium and cut out the parts that I was not going to put ink on.  In my original drawing, i had all the scales on the larger goldfish drawn out, but after realizing how difficult and almost impossible it would be, I decided to do just a couple of scales.  It still gives it some texture and design, but keeps it simple and not busy.  I found the scales the most difficult part because they were so small.  I think, overall, I did pretty good on this project.  I do agree that it lost some of it's design while being transferred to the linolium and being cut out, but it was neccessary to complete the project so it looked good.  I also like the colors I chose, they are the colors of a goldfish.  I learned a lot from this project, including how to draw simple but intricate designs, and then to cut them out and make prints out of them. 

*****Shoutout to my goldfish, Joey, who inspired me to do a goldfish. Whoop Whoop*****