Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contour Line Shoe Drawing

     My drawing improved with the contour lines.  I was unsure, at first, how it would turn out since I am used to picking up my pencil and moving around the paper, and not paying as much attention to detail.  It was difficult at the beginning of the unit, but I eventually got used to keeping my on the paper for the whole drawing.  I was able to add more details with the contour lines. I could see and draw the creases and little details using contour lines.  They were very helpful in this drawing.  And very important.  This is more detailed than I would have originally drawn it originally.  Drawing the shoe laces was difficult, however, with the contour lines.  But overall, I feel contour lines have improved my shoe drawing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iPad Value Study

     Creating the values on the iPad is very different than doing it with pastels.  First off, you have an endless amount of colors so you're shape can be valued to the fullest. Another plus to using the iPads is you can layer the different shapes so if you mess up, you can easily erase what you need to without messing up the other objects.  Also, there is a blending tool in the iPad unlike with the pastels where you have to try and blend the colors with the different pastels.  But there are similarities.  Like you have to think about which colors would look good together so your values look good.  I feel I've learned a lot about values to make objects look 3-dimensional.  I think I did a good job showing the different values and the way they blend.  Technology is useful and important in the arts because it gives artists a new way to express their art and creativity.