Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. The stencil project was my favorite and most successful project this semester.  I enjoyed this project because it was new for me.  I usually don't deal with spray paint and stencils, but this project introduced me to that.  I found it interesting how we took our pictures and then used a computer program to make the picture into 3 colors.  I chose blue, white, and black because they match my little brother's room, and he is the person in my art.  It was fun to take different stencils of the different colors, and then spray paint them onto cardboard.  It was also fun that I was part of the group that was able to collect the cardboard.  I find my stencil successful because it looks like my little brother and it looks like what I was trying to create.  The colors look good together and with the gray background, they really pop.  I enjoyed this project and I think it turned out good.

 2.  I learned, grew, and developed the most from the clay project.  I wasn't too excited when I heard we had to clay.  I've only used clay once before, and it shattered before I could bring it home.  When we first started working on our tiles, I didn't know where to start.  By the time I got my first branch on the tile, I found it easy to do the rest.  Then came the toucan, and I did about 5 tries on the body until I finally could get the shape and the hang of it.  The beak was easy.  This project allowed me to try another surface to paint on.  It was different from painting on the canvas and papers because the clay was a different material.  By the end of the project, I found that my clay skills grew and I was comfortable with using clay.  I used different compostitions and depth to make my focal point, the toucan, pop out.  This project helped me with clay and painting, especially with putting different values into it.  The clay project helped me grow and develop in my skills in art.

3.  The ladscape painting was the piece of art that used the most skills and techniques I learned from my previous projects. I think this painting exhibits how much I've grown this year in art.  In this painting, I incorporated many skills from other projects.  One technique is drawing it out before putting it on the canvas, which I also had to do for the print and clay projects.  I also used my knowledge on the iPad software to make a rough draft of what my painting would look like which I learned from our values unit. The values unit and the color unit helped equip me with the skills and knowledge for the actual painting portion of this project.  I added darker shades to the blue as it grew closer to the horizon line.  I did the same with the sky.  With the sand, I made it lighter as it grew towards the water.  I added some value to the trees to make them appear 3-dimensional.  I found that this project exhibits the best how I've grown in art.  I'm now more comfortable with adding different values and colors to make a painting or drawing look more "alive".  I feel that this project used the most techniques and skills from previous projects and that I grew the most in the process of doing this project.

4.  I felt that the contour shoe drawing was the least important in learning concepts.  I feel like I didn't grow that much from this project.  I do think that the contour line unit was important to learn how to pay attention to detail, but it's pointless, in my opinion, to do the shoe.  The hand, I understand why we did, because of the so many creases and details, but with the shoe, I felt that I was sort of back tracking in my learning experience with the unit.  It was an interesting project and unit, but I feel the contour shoe project was the least important project that we did.  

5. The stencil project was the project that reflected me as an artist the most.  In this project, I was able to come up with my own art using references from real pictures.  Also, my inspiration for this project made it personal to me.  My goldfish, Joey, inspired the subject of the art, and the name of it which is "Joey".  I enjoyed being able to make several copies of my art in different colors and then seeing how they all looked together.  I feel this project reflects me because it's simple, but unique.  I also find this project personal because I was able to incorporate my favorite elements and skills of art.  I liked sketching it and cutting it out of the linoleum.  I also enjoyed the painting portion since I like to paint.  I liked to pick out the colors of the paint and paper; I thought that it made it more personal to choose the colors.  This project reflects me as an artist because I was able to use all of my favorite elements of art in one project.  It was personal because of the object of the art and I was able to choose the colors.

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