Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cartoon Skeleton

     For my cartoon skeleton, I decided to draw Boots from "Dora the Explorer".  I have drawn, accurately, a skeleton for Boots.   I included a the necessary primary bones like the ribs, spine, and skull.  I had to get creative when drawing the ribs and the skull.  Boots has a very small midsection of his body, so I drew the ribs and spine shorter than a normal, human skeleton's would look.  His head his proportionally big compared to his body, so I had to draw a skull larger than normal.  When I was drawing his arms and legs, I payed attention to where they bent so I could precisely draw the bones.  His arm bones are pretty normal, but I had to make his thigh bones really small, and basically all his leg bones are small.  When I had to do the feet, I had to guess the position and size of his feet since he's always wearing those boots.  Overall, I feel my skeleton is accurate representation of what Boot's skeleton would actually look like.