Monday, June 1, 2015

Art 3 Final

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For my first piece, I chose the piece that I created for my mom for mother's day.
There are two artistic behaviors that are met with this project.  The first one is "I create original art".  I used my own unique ideas to create this piece.  I wanted to incorporate different techniques to create a piece. I like the way the water color turned out on the newspaper, and I am fascinated by the fact that the acrylic looks like oil pastel.  I discovered that I enjoy doing multimedia pieces and I hope to continue experimenting with them. I already had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I didn't know what to do for the stems.  This brings in the second artistic behavior, "I take risks" because I didn't know how sewing thread as the stems would turn out.  I had never done anything like this, actually sewing thread into the canvas (I wasn't even sure it was going to work). But I tried it anyways and I think it turned out pretty good.  By combining both of these behaviors, I think I created a unique, risky original piece of art.

The second piece of art I chose was this painting,
Again, I can connect this art piece to two artistic behaviors.  The first behavior is "I developed my art making skills". I used acrylic paint and I think I learned new techniques with painting and mixing colors and showing dimension in my paintings.  I definitely improved with my transition of colors, as shown by the colors of the sunset.  Also, the dimension I was able to show in the church, I didn't expect it to turn out so well.  The guitar was interesting to paint, especially when I was trying to paint the wood.  I feel after this project that I learned a lot about painting with acrylic, creating different methods to do each different style, and I learned a lot about colors too.  The second behavior I experienced with this project was "I solve problems".  I encountered a lot of challenges while painting this.  I had to re-do the entire sky because I had mixed the right blue-purple color one day and I could not get it to match once I tried mixing it again.  So I decided to re-paint what I had already painted and finish the sky in one day so I didn't encounter the same problem.  I like the blue that it turned out to be.  The guitar was challenging, and at first I couldn't get the lines to show that it is wood.  However, I was able to obtain some painters tape and I taped of the guitar so I could get the smooth lines to show that it is wood without messing up any other portion of my painting.  Overall, I learned a lot from doing this painting.

 One piece of art that I wish I could "do over is my text art project.
Although I think it turned out looking cool, I wish I had made a more interesting design.  If I had to do this project over, instead of using a whole bunch of tear drop shaped pieces, I would use different shapes and just a different design.  Also, even though the warm colors versus the cool colors creates an interesting contrast between the two symbols, I feel that it doesn't blend well.  I would try and be more spread out with the color distribution if I had to re-do it.  When doing this project, I didn't realize how small scale I would have to make it.  Again, using a more interesting design would have most likely allowed me to make create it at a larger scale, so that is another thing I would work on.  I wouldn't change the medium or subject of the piece though, I like the overall idea and that I was trying something new.

May Snapshot

I completed the mother's day project I was working on.  The pot is newspaper with brown watercolor, the flowers are acrylic paint (even though it looks like oil pastel, its the way the paint appears on the canvas material) and then I took thread and I sewed the stems to give the piece texture (but I mostly did it because I thought it would look cool).
This month, I started making greeting cards.  Again with watercolor, I incorporated the doodles I did into playful cards. 

Also, this month, I completed my artist's inspired artwork.  After going to the art museums on the DC trip, I was really intrigued with Monet and his unique art style.  After looking at a whole bunch of paintings, I decided to do a twist of "San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight". The image on the left is Monet and my painting is on the right.

April Snapshot

I spent most of this month on the print-making project that is shown in the previous post.  After I finished that project, I started experimenting with water color.  I did little doodles with sharpie outlines. 
Here's a sample of the kind of doodles I did.  I also did some acrylic painting this month. 

I also started on a multimedia art project for my mom for mother's day.  I found a burlap-type material canvas that I wanted to try to work with.  I wanted to keep the design simple, so I thought of doing flowers in a pot.  I planned on most everything being created using different mediums.  I will most likely have that finished for the May snapshot. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I have finished my text project along with my stamp project. I did potatoes. 

For my next project that I am currently in the developing stages of, I will be doing an acrylic painting that is sort of like a collage. It will have different elements from Apex and from life. Here is my sketched out plan of what I'm planing on doing although I know the end result will probably differ. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I am still in the works of completing
my text art project. I decided to do quilling, which uses rolled up paper to make a design. It takes a lot more time than I thought it would to roll each one and glue it, but I am almost done. 
I decided to do a Chinese word because I love how artsy simple words can look. I decided to do the first letter in warm colors because I had only rolled up those colors and I wanted to get started on my project. But I think the warm and cool colors adds character to the artwork.  So far, it has come out very nice and I am very pleased with how it looks. I don't think I would've done anything different. 

Once I complete this unit, I'm thinking about either doing an acrylic project or a print making project. So in the next to weeks I will be completing one of those two units. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Text Art

For this project, I did my research using Pinterest under a board named "Text Art". I discovered a lot of different types of art that had text incorporated into it. From shading using different size text to create an image to using everyday materials to create a word. There were a lot of techniques that I have never seen before.  
For my first challenge, I created a cross using bible verses to create the shape. 
It was tricky to get all the words to fit perfectly straight, but once I added shading, it blends the line more. 
For my second challenge, I created my name out of colored pencils. 
I haven't officially started my final project, but it's in the works. I have somewhat of a plan. I am pretty sure I will do "quilling" which is where you roll paper and make designs out of it, with which I was going to use to form a word.
These are my ideas/sketches, I am still unsure of what word, or symbol, I want to create, but I am very close to starting my final project.